In the video era that we’re living in, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine in the world and the crazy fact is that YouTube receives more engagements than other search engines like Yahoo and Bing. 

We all know that millions of search results will appear when we make a search query, but how to rank your video? That’s why having a plan to rank a video on the first page of YouTube search results can really boost your overall visibility and ads credibility to your brand. 

YouTube SEO: Why is it important?

Now more than ever, brands are realizing how effective video is at telling a story and sway public opinion. With the right concept, solid storyboarding, and professional execution — you can transform your viewers into loyal customers. 

According to the statistics by Oberlo, about 500 videos are being uploaded on YouTube. And, to be honest, not all the videos are going to play well and rank higher! 

The reason? 

Lack of YouTube SEO implementation! The ranking doesn’t happen when you just upload the video and cross your fingers to hope for the best! It’s all about implementing the perfect SEO strategies and that’s what we are going to dig deeper into. 

1, Targeting Ideal Keyword

Like any other search engine, YouTube also needs keywords, it’s not just keywords, but the keyword that suits your content! There is no need to burn a hole in your budget to buy expensive tools, especially if you are a beginner. 

Yes, YouTube itself provides you a list of keywords that you can potentially rank for. And yes, keywords are the fuel that boosts your YouTube SEO.

Here’s how you can use it effectively, 

Use the search bar to find the keywords and also the relevant keywords. 

YouTube SEO

Pull out the relevant keywords from the list and navigate to Google keyword planner. Search for the search difficulty. If you find the keyword as a low competitive one, you are good to go!

Use the keywords, 

  • In your video file name. 
  • In your title
  • Description

The keyword optimization not only helps to rank higher on YouTube, it also helps to rank on Google as well. 

YouTube SEO

Importantly, your video will be ranked based on the relevancy and user’s behavior too. 

2, YouTube Algorithm

When you upload a new video to YouTube, it automatically starts showing your videos to relevant people. If your video does well, it ranks your video in the top position.

These four factors matter a lot for ranking any video even your YouTube SEO works favorable for your search engine,

  • Relevancy: It depends on how well you have optimized your title, description, and hashtags. 
  • Engagements: No matter whatever the search engine is, engagement always plays a major role. So make sure you ask for likes, comments, and share with your audiences, as they help in the rankings. 
  • Quality: This factor will be determined based on the trust, expertise, and authority of your channel. 
  • Personalization: YouTube ranks videos based on the user’s interest and watch history. 

YouTube also monitors the watch duration, and other engagement signals on your video to boost its ranking, as YouTube always wants to deliver the most satisfying results to the search query of the user. 

3, Tagging popular keywords related to your topic 

As per the instruction of YouTube creator academy, adding relevant keywords in tags, not only helps you to inform about the content available to your audience, but it also helps YouTube to understand. 

Brian Dean also suggests that YouTube uses tags to understand your video content. But, when you are using it, make sure you are not using irrelevant tags, as Google may penalize you for that.

So make sure you use the relevant keywords on your tag and use the mixed combo of both short-tail and long-tail keywords to broaden your visibility with YouTube SEO.  

4, Usage of perfect thumbnail for your video 

Apart from the YouTube algorithm, users will click through the video only if they find the topic and thumbnail of your video looks educational. If your video has been positioned in fifth place but had a better thumbnail explaining the content, more users will click through your video!

So which will you click first? Most probably 1st or 2nd right?

That’s it!

The result?

YouTube will push your video to the top position based on the number of clicks you receive on your video. That’s why it is important to use an optimized thumbnail to boost your ranking. 

Wrapping up

Youtube SEO is a tricky thing and not many people are successful with it. There are quite a few factors that decide how well your video performs on youtube. These factors need to be considered before and after you upload your video on youtube. 

By getting to know what works, you can hit your target audience in the best way possible, and maximize your YouTube channel’s SEO potential.