Blogging is mainly created for the motive of earning money, isn’t it? Well, every blog focuses on monetizing the visitors at least in one way. Good news for those who want to monetize their blog, you can make 10 different methods to earn with blogging. 

Trust me, these are 100% working and it won’t spam you in any way. Don’t worry about your niche, as these methods are not focused on earning based on your niche. You can make your blog earn money while you sleep! Quite amazing right, let’s not waste the time and look for all the possible ways to earn a blog along with the steps! Yes, I will give simple steps to follow. 

Warning: Before starting, let me clear you, these steps won’t drive lakhs of rupees overnight! You have to be patient with blogging. But I can assure you one thing, if you have good information and better visitors, you will be in the driver’s seat of earning with blogging.

Monetizing the content

Sell ads directly

Whenever you apply for any third-party advertising platform like Google ads, your earning will be mostly limited. Instead, you can sell banner space on your website to display other content in the form of ads. 

You can simply advertise on your website by using popular WordPress plugins. But remember, the direct advertisement needs a bit more work than maintaining Google ads. 

Pro tip: Instead of charging your ad partner for clicks and impressions, you can fix a flat rate. By doing so, you can eliminate much of the work to track all actions performed on the ad. 

Affiliate marketing

earn with blogging

Affiliate marketing is the most trusted and loved method to earn with blogging. Millions of people are using affiliate marketing successfully and making their sweet revenue. Wait! How can you earn with affiliate marketing?

If you prefer the best coffee shop, you would prefer it to your friends or family members, right? The same thing applies to affiliate marketing. Here, you are going to refer the product from sites like Amazon to your visitors via blog writing.

If your visitors buy something from your link, you will get a commission for referring to the product. Cool right? 

Ok, how to do it? 

  • After having 10-15 blog posts on your website, just apply for affiliate programs like Amazon, ShareASale, Click bank and much more. 
  • Take your affiliate product and write a convincing blog over it. 
  • Provide the link to buy products via your link. 
  • Boom! If anyone buys that product, you will get a decent commission over it!

Pro tip: To see which links are converting the maximum visitors, you can use the free tool known as DSLinker. 

Earn with Google Adsense

earn with blogging

Have you ever seen ads displayed on a website when you search anything on Google? Well, most of the ads are from Google Adsense!

This is the most trusted and traditional method to earn with blogging. If you have a good number of visitors and a good user experience, you can earn by displaying ads on your website. 

This is simply done by applying for the Google Adsense account. Once they verify your website, you can start earning. Your earning will be based on the number of persons who see/click the ads. 

Pro tip: Apply for the Adsense after having decent monthly visits of 4000 to speed up the approval process. Otherwise, you can also use to display ads, which is the most trusted alternative to google ads. 

Sponsored posts to earn with blogging

Have you ever seen sponsored content on any website? Or else, take TV ads, a recognized company will pay for representing their content on your site.  

Those ads are known as sponsored content. If you are not interested in displaying ads on your website, you can simply earn with this sponsored content. 

The issue with ads display is, your visitors will get annoyed with pop-ups and several people are using ad blockers, so even if you have tons of traffic, you will receive only a few earnings in your pocket! Thus, the smartest way of earning is sponsored content. 

How will you get started? You can simply showcase your traffic stats, social media presence and much more which convinces the advertisers to reach you. Once you are fine with it, you can approach others to advertise with them. 

Earn by flipping websites

This is a cool way to earn with blogging, all you have to do is build a blog that is in high demand and collect traffic to your website. 

Most entrepreneurs will love to buy a blog that already has a better basement rather than building from scratch and start gaining traffic. 

How can you do this? You should need to build a website that is based on a high-demand niche. You can sell your built website on popular sites like Flippa

Make private blog posts to earn with blogging

earn with blogging

If you are a good creator who provides premium content, why can’t you sell it via sponsorship? 

But, this is a time-consuming process, you have to create trust between your readers and make them believe that you are providing premium content regularly. This is somewhat tricky, as you have to do more research as this is a recurring subscription. 

How to do it? You can simply use some popular WordPress plugins to create paid subscriptions to your private blog! 

Make private forum 

earn with blogging

If you anchor your website in the minds of people, you can make a private forum, where the users have to pay something to get access. Making forums can make you earn from blogging by offering one and one interaction with you and your community members. 

To get started, you can simply install a popular WordPress plugin and set up your private forum. 

Selling ebooks

earn with blogging

If you are looking for some methods which are maintainable at least effort, you can sell digital products on your website. Also, remember that you have to spend time creating unique content that hooks and adds value to the people.

To create your own ebook, you can use free tools like Canva, here you will get tons of templates to make your ebooks attractive. 

To sell it on your site, you can use multiple WordPress plugins which makes your journey useful. 

Do paid review 

earn with blogging

This is much similar to the sponsored content. All you have to do is find the products which are relevant to your niche! This product should also interest your readers, if they aren’t interested in something they won’t interact with the review. 

Try to approach some product owners and ask them for paid reviews. You can also check out the PayPerPost website that helps website owners like you to approach business. 

Make question and answer community

earn with blogging

Ever heard about Quora? Yes, it is a popular question and answer platform where you can either post questions or answer others’ questions. 

Well, how can you monetize them all? These question-based sites monetize by using ads, affiliates, paid subscriptions, and a lot more. All you have to do is create a community where people exchange valuable information. 

After that, you can make your question and answer platform even using WordPress. 


That’s all guys, this is not the end and still, there are multiple ways to earn with blogging. If I list all of them, you have to spend a day reading alone!! But I am sure to provide step by step to monetize your blog. Make sure you keep in touch to receive all the amazing stuff. 

Don’t forget to mention a method which I missed above! It may help others to make their blog earn.