Are you Fed up with the Mailchimp tool, and hovered around for finding the best Mailchimp alternatives out there? If yes, you are not the only person who is finding Mailchimp alternatives. Many people like me want to shift from Mailchimp.

I would like to tell first about why people are shifting, as I even shifted from Mailchimp to another platform. 

There are many issues in Mailchimp that force users to find other tools. The main reason is the current pricing changes! They are not so user-friendly. For example, when you log in through, you may face problems editing the templates or face display issues.

This potentially makes the users who opted in for Mailchimp to search for “Mailchimp alternatives”. 

Are there any best Mailchimp alternatives? 

Of course yes, there are many alternatives to MailChimp. After a deep analysis and research, I came up with a few tools which are better than MailChimp for specific use-cases such as small businesses, online stores, non-profits, startups,(eCommerce business), etc.

Let’s disclose the best 5  alternatives to MailChimp to boost your marketing strategy without any hurdles.


It is the best email marketing tool that helps you to:

  • Make a mailing list and collect data for it.
  • Create newsletters that can be sent to your list’s subscribers.
  • Use ‘autoresponders’ to automate your email marketing.
  • Analyze your email marketing campaign.

This is one of the best MailChimp alternatives. After reading this blog, you would be able to decide which tool is good for you.

AWeber pricing:

AWeber offers both ‘Pro’ and ‘Free’ plans. 

‘Pro’ plans pricing structure:-

If you have more than 25000 subscribers then you will have to call Aweber for the quotation. In addition, there is also a free version available. This offers you to use most of the features of AWeber if you have less than 500 subscribers.

You can visit here for a free version of Aweber: Click here

You can get around a $3 per month discount if you pay for your Aweber plan on a quarter or monthly basis and it also offers some discounts for students and non-profit organizations.

On comparing its price with MailChimp is roughly the same price as Mailchimp. But here you can get satisfaction. 

So, let’s figure out AWeber features:

  • Aweber has a competitive advantage over others due to its visual email editor and detailed segmentation options.
  • The Atom App provides an easy-to-access collection of emails, and the drag-and-drop email and landing page designer allows you to create custom emails and landing pages in just a few clicks.
  • This app allows you to access multiple reports from your mobile device, making it an excellent Mailchimp alternative.
  • The Aweber capture page builder allows you to create visually appealing landing pages that will increase the number of visitors to your website. This is more beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses.

Mailchimp Vs Aweber 

PlanStarting at $14.99/monthStarting at $19 per month for up to 500 subscribers.
NavigationIt is easy to navigate and well-designed backend but not easy to navigate for a beginner It is also easy to navigate.
Templates CapacityIt has 80 clean and sleek templates.It has 150 clean and sleek templates.
Landing pageIts landing page builder is easy to use but there are only 10 templates to choose.Its landing page is also easy to use and it provides 39 templates. So, it’s good to go with.
SupportIt provides you the chat support during business hours only. Their email and chat support is a little hard to access.Its support was fast, friendly. And it provides their support through multiple channels.
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It is a marketing software platform that provides tools to entrepreneurs, online marketers, marketing managers, and businesses to help them create content, generate sales, and increase traffic. GetResponse is a viable option for businesses of all sizes and budgets, with four pricing models—Basic, Plus, Professional, and MAX—and a free 30-day trial for each.

Unique Feature of Getresponse

  • An email autoresponder is a message that is sent to a subscriber automatically at predetermined times or after a specific event occurs. You can schedule delivery time in GetResponse, analyze their efficency, and adjust them according to the need.
  • The analytics capabilities of GetResponse can help you learn how your audience interacts with your emails, understand what’s working, and make informed decisions to fix what needs to be fixed.
  • Marketers of all skill levels can use an intuitive drag-and-drop email creator tool to create unique email designs from scratch or start with one of GetResponse’s free templates and customize it however they want.
  • GetResponse’s streamlined list-building and segmentation tools will help you nurture your email lists.
  • With the GetResponse platform, you can keep order confirmations, reminders, receipts, and marketing emails all under one roof. The system employs API or SMTP-triggers to send transactional emails and notifications to customers, ensuring that they are always aware of the status of their purchases.

Getresponse Pricing

MailChimp alternatives


Trial: Available (No Credit Card required)

Mailchimp Vs Getresponse:-

Plansstarting at $14.99/monthIt charges $12.3/month for only 1,000 subscribers
NavigationIt is easy to navigate and well-designed backend but not easy to navigate for a beginner It is also easy to navigate.
Free PlanIts limits you to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per monthIt gives you unlimited emails but only 500 subscribers.
List ManagementIt allows you to combine several positive or negative conditions. An issue they have, though, is that you can’t manage subscribers across lists,  as each one is siloed.It enables far more complex list management. Because the lists are not siloed, you can either copy contacts to another campaign or completely move them. Segments are also more customizable because you can apply any/all conditions to users and groups.
SupportIt provides you the chat support during business hours only. Their email and chat support is a little hard to access.It offered fast and friendly support 
Get Getresponse for free is a one-stop online marketing platform. This tool makes it simple to start, grow, and boost your online business. With just a few clicks, you can create fantastic email content similar to Mailchimp. With the help of conversion funnels, this powerful app allows you to increase your revenue. The engaging email content assists you in converting anonymous connections into loyal fans. This app can help you increase your online sales and reach the pinnacle of success. Let’s take a look at most exciting features of it:

  • It has strong integrations that allow for secure connections to apps such as WordPress and Magento.
  • The landing pages are useful for capturing more leads.
  • The customer service team is highly efficient and responsive 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They speak eight languages and can assist you in resolving issues in a timely manner.
  • The GetResponseConsent field allows your contacts to provide consent at the time of signup.

Pricing Plans of

Mailchimp alternatives is an all-in-one marketing platform that is completely free. You can create sales funnels, a blog, a membership site, and a custom domain. On any of our plans, you’ll get unlimited emailing, file storage space, and membership site members.

For more details you can visit here: Click Here

Mailchimp Vs
Plansstarting at $14.99/monthIts paid plan starts at $27 a month up to 5000 contacts.
NavigationIt is easy to navigate and well-designed backend but not easy to navigate for a beginner It is also easy to navigate and work with this tool. They help to transfer the information between 2 different accounts & it saves me so much time.
Free PlanIt limits you to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per monthIt limits you to 2000 contacts and unlimited per month.
TrainingIt provides you Live Online, Webinars, Documentation,VideosIt provides Live Online, Documentation, Videos
SupportIt provides you the chat support during business hours only. Their email and chat support is a little hard to offers robust and friendly customer support in a variety of ways: Knowledge Base, Video Tutorials, Online Coaching, Customer Support Team
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Constant Contact

It is good to go with these tools. Constant Contact is a low-cost, user-friendly email marketing tool that allows you to create email marketing templates, automate and manage campaigns, build contact lists, and nurture customer relationships.

Constant Contact Pricing plan:

Mailchimp alternatives

The Email pricing plan:  costs at least $20 a month.

The Email Plus pricing plan:  costs at least $45 a month.

For more details about this plan, visit here

It can be the best MailChimp alternative for you. Let’s take a look why is it famous:

  • The first step in launching your email marketing campaign is to collect emails. Even if your contacts are currently using a different email marketing system, Constant Contact can help you manage your contact list.
  • It also lets you import contacts from online customer management systems like QuickBooks, ACT! (formerly Sage ACT), and Salesforce.
  • A variety of resources are available to new Constant Contact customers to help them get started with the platform.
  • It offers customers over 400 hundred templates for various types of messages. They are organized into categories on its website, making it easy to find a template for the type of newsletter you want to create.
  • Constant Contact’s list management interface, like most email marketing services, allows you to categorize users based on specific criteria.

Mailchimp Vs Constant Contact

Mailchimpconstant contact
Plansstarting at $14.99/monthIts paid plan start at $20 a month
NavigationIt is easy to navigate and well-designed backend but not easy to navigate for a beginner Everyone can use it easily without facing any problem.
Free PlanIt limits you to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per monthIt doesn’t provide a free plan but provides a trial for 30 days.
DeliverabilityIt does not provide more consistency than constant contact.It provides more consistency.
SupportIt provides you the chat support in business hours only. Their email and chat support is a little hard to access.provides chat and phone support (during business hours Eastern Time), and apparently checks the community forums and Twitter for urgent matters on weekends.


Nathan Barry created ConvertKit, a full-featured email service provider (ESP). When I searched for a Mailchimp alternative, I ended up with this Convertkit. 

Because of its simplicity, automation, and other features, it is one of the fastest-growing email marketing companies. It also provides customizable sign-up forms and landing pages to help increase the number of email subscribers.

ConvertKit Pricing

The only downside is, it doesn’t have automation with the free plan. But, you will get unlimited landing page creation access.

You can visit here to know more about its price: Click here

Let’s check its features:

  • Customizable opt-in forms direct subscribers to personal, relevant, and immediate calls to action.
  • The homepage dashboard shows subscriber information as well as an opt-in conversion tally.
  • “If-this-then-that” automation rules generate distinct workflows to create personalized customer journeys. With a single click, events, actions, and conditions can be linked, and subsequent steps can be auto-populated to guide subscribers to the desired conversion. Each event, action, and condition card shows a running total of the number of users who have completed that step.
  • Using drag-and-drop sequence builders designed to grow a subscriber list, automated emails can be personalized.
  • Tags and segments assist users in managing and manipulating subscribers from a single list.
  • ConvertKit allows users to automate email distribution for one-time messages, RSS feeds, and other purposes.
  • Email content editing begins and ends with a click on a workflow item. Furthermore, all emails are written in plain text, which helps them pass through spam filters.

Mailchimp Vs Convertkit

Plansstarting at $14.99/monthStarting at $9 /month
NavigationIt is easy to navigate and well-designed backend but it bit hard to navigate for a beginner This tool is also clear to navigate.
Free PlanIt limits you to 2,000 subscribers and 10,000 emails per monthThe free plan is also available to up to 1000 subscribers.
List managementIt provides a few more options but it just gets a little too complicated with MailChimp.It offers a simpler method of managing contacts.
SupportIt provides you the chat support in business hours only. Their email and chat support is a little hard to access.It is accessible from any screen within the tool and is better than mailchimp.
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Get this free ebook from AWeber which has all the best strategies for email marketing:


It is true that MailChimp is one of the top email marketing tools. It is famous for its “free forever” plan feature. But It has fallen behind in terms of innovation, particularly when it comes to advanced features such as marketing automation.

These are the tools I shared with you after deep research. So, if you are frustrated with that MailChimp tool then you can go for mailchimp alternatives. 

So, provided you with the best tool of the universe for your convenience. Which tool are you going to use? Let me know in the comment section.