It’s a great idea to investigate your niche to make sure that there is a market for it. You might be talented in your niche, but if the market is too small, you will not be able to generate enough revenue. After finding your niche with the niche selection guide, you would have started searching about it already!! Now it’s the time to ask, Is your niche profitable? 

To spice up your ideas, I gave a short and crisp 5 methods to find, whether your niche is profitable or not. 

If you follow these methods which are listed below, you can find your profitable niche and you can save more time by eliminating the need of searching again. 

So, let’s dive into the steps to find your profitable niche. 

Step 1: Future of your niche 

Proven steps: Is your niche profitable?

The future of your niche is very important to stick with your niche. Let me give you clearance with a suitable example. 

Will you stick to the digital camera niche? Yes, even I do, because photography is a hot topic today. It will make its next face for sure.

Traditional education!! Will it be the future? No, even now, several education institutes are adapting to the digital form of education, which is e-learning. So, if you take traditional marketing as your niche, what will happen? Think and find your answer! 

How can you find out whether your niche has a future or not? 

The future will be based on digital platforms and more convenient products. So, make sure that your niche fits the trends. 

Step 2: Earning opportunities

Proven steps: Is your niche profitable?

First of all, you have to know what the keywords are. A keyword is a word that you are using to search on Google. 

Let’s say you are searching for the best fiction books. Then, the keyword is “Best fiction books”. Got me right?

As the next step, you have to know whether people are searching for the keywords in Google. Look, if your keywords have more search volumes, it will be a better choice to go with. Also, don’t forget the competition level. I will talk about this separately. 

You can use a free tool like “Wordtracker” to find the search volume of the particular keyword. Go to the site and type your keyword and boom! You can see the search volume for that word along with its trend. 

Proven steps: Is your niche profitable?

Look, I am suggesting this Wordtracker tool only to find the search volume and not for finding the competitors. 

So, now you found the large search volume for your keywords!! Now, the earning opportunity will be affiliate marketing and placing ads on high traffic generating posts. 

There are still lots of methods available for monetizing your blog. But now, just learn this and I will make a separate one for sure!! 

Step 3: Competition

Competition is everywhere guys, if you find something trending, definitely it will have huge competition. As a beginner, you have to sort out the topics that are very simple to go higher in Google rankings.

Why go first in Google rankings? See, if you are searching in Google for anything, where will you look? Only on the 1st page, right? If your blog is on the 100th page, will you get traffic? That’s why everyone would recommend a beginner to adapt a keyword that has low competition. 

Well, everything is ok, how can I find the competition for my keyword? Don’t speed up now, things will mess up!! Just find, is your niche profitable, and that’s it. 

Step 4: Content scope

This part is also an important thing to make your niche profitable, as it needs good research. First, you have to be able to write content in that niche. Also, you have to solve a specific problem that others face. 

See, if your content is just the same as others, why do people have to visit your blog, right? So, you should add value to people constantly. 

If you are unable to get more topics on your niche, you can use the free tool, Answer the public. Even after using this, if you don’t get any topics, you can’t survive in the long run. So, don’t go for such a type of niche, even if the search volume is quite high. 

Step 5: Estimate the niche 

Proven steps: Is your niche profitable?

Ask yourself, who is the target audience? For whom you are writing the blog post. Let me give an example, 

Take the niche as cooking, who is the target audience? Mostly women or housewives. Got me right? 

Next, you have to find the demand for the niche. The higher the demand, the higher the growth options. You can simply go to Quora or Reddit and search for a particular topic, if you can find a number of questions or discussions on that topic, your niche is in demand and on its trend. To find the answer for is your niche profitable, you have to double-check whether the niche is on demand.

Last but not least, you have to find whether you can solve a problem that exists the most regarding your niche. For example, if your niche is skincare, you can write blogs on ‘tips to get smooth skin’, this aims at people who want to make their skin smoother right? This is how you have to deal with your blog. 


So that’s all the steps that answer the question, Is your niche profitable? Well, you have followed all the steps and got your best as well as a profitable niche. What’s next?

Next is about finding the possibilities of earning with blogging on your particular niche and I will give you clear proof too. Stay tuned!!