Every digital marketer should have a niche for blogging that brings them more profit over anything. Blogging is a part of digital marketing and an effective way to make conversions. 

Well, are you the one who wants to start your online earning through blogging? 

If your answer is yes, you should get fixed with your NICHE! You may think, “Why is a niche important for me?”

Sure, this must be a question that triggers every mind if they are asked to be niche-specific. However, selecting a niche of your interest will be better than simply experimenting with all the niches around there! 

Before starting your blog and monetizing it, you have to put in lots of effort. If you are not enjoying what you are doing to lift your blog traffic things become bitter. Agree? 

Of course, if we are not enjoying what we are doing, all the sweet efforts will turn blue and in the end, you might want to switch from your niche. This is why I recommend you fix your niche and start digging deeper. 

Wait, what is a niche first? A niche is something specific about some interest. Let me give an example, if your interest is in traveling, traveling is called a niche. I think you got me! 

To be honest, only 10% of people are aware of how to select the best niche for blogging. And the other 90% of people like me, don’t know how exactly they should select a niche for blogging.  Need not worry, follow me here. 

Requirements to choose the best niche for blogging

Best niche for blogging

First, you have to be clear with what you are doing to find your niche. Follow the exact steps in the rundown, 

Identify: Yes, you have to identify what are all the niches available out there. Let’s say you got a sample niche of health. 

Evaluate: After this, you have to evaluate the strength of the competition. You can do this by searching this particular niche on Google, Youtube, social media, and more. If you find more information about those things, switch to another niche!! Because of the more competition the lower the ranking possibilities. 

If you are passionate about that niche, don’t leave, do it, but with a quick strategy. Need a quick example? Let me give it a try,

We know several network providers in India and the competition is quite high to begin a new network. But, suddenly Jio entered the market with a great strategy and started dominating the Indian mobile networks. Crazy right? 

A strategy will leverage your business to any level! 

Narrow down: After fixing the two mentioned steps, you have to narrow down the niche into a main niche, sub-niche, and micro-niche. 

Earning methods: Last but not least, you have to analyze what are the possibilities of monetizing your blog. If you want a clear picture, I will do a separate blog for it. 

Steps to identify your top niches for blogging

  • Ask yourself, what do you like to do over hours? It can be gaming, cooking or even watching films. 
  • Even if your brain is out of ideas, don’t get hypnotized by seeing the results of other people. Just do research and find the one that fits you. 
  • Look for something which is easy to write about. Let’s say you love playing games, you can write about it because you know about it.  
  • Find something that requires low research. Let’s say you love cooking and you are writing about “how to make a cake”. Do you do research to write about it? Not a lot of research, but only a few, right? 

Estimate your niche 

Well, by following those steps, you might have found your niche. If you seriously did, you would have. Then what is the next step? 

You have to estimate the niche you took. Following these steps, 

Market reach 

Best niche for blogging

Will your niche have the power to reach the market? Let’s assume your niche is Shoes. What is the potential for this to reach the market? 

Definitely high right? If you are not sure, go to Google and type the best shoes. You can find brainstorming ideas to develop your blog.

Target audience

Who is your target audience? If shoes are your niche, you can write about formal shoes, sports shoes, and much more. Then the target audiences are the one who is a sportsman or professional person. 


Of course, there should be a demand for every niche in the market. And, what about yours? Do research. 

Simply go to Google trends, type BEST SPORTS SHOES. You will get the demand and trend for the niche. 

How to narrow it down? 

Best niche for blogging

Follow me carefully and write everything that comes to your mind. Here, you are going to narrow down your Niche to a micro-niche. 

Let’s say your niche is on Health now(The shoe niche is boring for me!), what will be your sub-niche and micro-niche?

Sub niche should be something that covers major parts. In health, the sub-niche will be weight loss. 

The micro niche should be the possible topics that can cover the niche. In health, the micro-niche will be the “keto diet for weight loss”. Got me? 

How do gain more ideas for selecting a top niche for blogging? 

Well, you can find still more ideas by simply watching the things which surround you. I am not kidding, even if you have a sofa near you, it can be your niche. 

I know you won’t consider this, just go to Google and type “best sofa”. You will get competing results. Do let me know in the comment section if I am wrong. 

Also, you can find several ideas by using the free tool, “answer the public“. This tool will give you brainstorming ideas to get fixed with your niche. 

If you got a niche idea, you have to evaluate it.


That’s it guys, I hope you have ended up with the best niche for blogging. At least, you will have ended up with an idea and if you polish it, you will get your top niche for blogging. 

Still didn’t get any ideas? 

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Also, if you find someone struggling with niche selection, share this with them! They can get an idea about choosing their niche!