Formaloo review: Ever used Google forms before? If yes you are already in need of forms to make your business more productive. Google forms have just block, words and images, and they can’t even accept payments! What if I say a tool that can create jaw-dropping quiz templates or lead generation forms? Cool, right?

One such tool that enables you to create awesome forms and quizzes to generate more quality leads for your business is Formaloo! In fact, studies have proven that the quizzes and interactive forms have shown a 33.6% increase in lead generation. 

In this blog, I am gonna give the Formaloo review, the best ever tool to create your more interactive quiz and to generate leads!! And, the best thing is, you can automate lead capture with bots!

Let’s dig deeper!

Formaloo review: What is Formaloo and why use it for lead generation?

Formaloo is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) form builder that lets you create anything that you can imagine, with no coding or design necessary. While making this Formaloo review, I figured out it as a powerful tool that makes it easy to create any kind of form you want, with simple steps!

You can play with the options like the drag & drop builder to add forms, quizzes, surveys, and other content Build a form in minutes with over 50 pre-made templates or create your own from scratch. 

Formaloo review

Mobo-friendly forms are known to covert much better!

That being said, Formaloo also offers a preview look on mobile devices before you publish it. If you are ready to publish the form, you can either embed it on your website or host them even on your own domain name. Isn’t that cool?

You can also use form analytics to track your forms and see what works best. And the features are not just completed! Let’s explore them side by side!

Formaloo review: Design and customization with Formaloo

Formaloo comes with drag and drop widgets, where you can make custom forms for multiple purposes. The great thing is, you can select between 50+ pre-designed templates to use for your purpose. Be it an application form or a lead generation form, you can make anything possible with this tool.

To make give away or to accept the new application, there is no need to create a separate landing page, as you can make a custom domain name and host the form. The great thing is, you can automate the lead generation with a chatbot form!

Here is the sample lead generation form made with formaloo. 

Formaloo review: New widgets for more interaction

With Formaloo, you can take your creativity to the next level, and build something more interesting in the same boring forms! 

Formaloo review

It allows you to create and embed surveys, forms, and a lot more to boost your customer engagement.  

And not only can you customize them any way you want, but Formaloo’s support for automated data collection notifies the system when a form has been completed and records the results automatically. Formaloo also includes Formaloo SDK so that third-party integrations can be automated between various services in your organization.

Chance to make applications with forms 

Formaloo is the provider of the best on-the-go professional forms software. This product sets itself apart in that users are not only allowed to create forms but all aspects of their applications, including code-free mobile components such as quizzes and presentations. 

Users have access to Formaloo’s program at their convenience, allowing them to add, manage, edit and remove contents as desired. This app is built with Formaloo and with no coding! The advantage of having a form-based app includes, 

  • You can customize the content of the app without even updating it. 
  • Chance to create unlimited lessons, yes there is no limit!
  • Create and embed more interactive quizzes. 
  • You can even add other users and manage their activities. 

Access Management and Collaboration Options

When setting permissions, you can make it possible for different users to view, edit, or comment on surveys thanks to granular settings like these. Team members can leave comments both during the survey preview and after results went live too. 

This tool also gives you more freedom as it allows you to decide whether everyone on your team should be able to use it at the same time, or if certain individuals should have exclusive access at any given moment.

Formaloo review: Rules and sections on the form 

Google Forms are great tools, but there’s no denying the fact that some of their features are way more limited than you’d hope. Let me be honest with you here: Formaloo blows Google Forms out of the water when it comes to overall facility and field types! While Google Forms only offers three basic content types (multiple-choice, short answer, and checkbox), Formaloo has advanced fields for barcode scanners, video question blocks, two-step authentication features, Stripe/Paypal payment verification fields and so much more!

Formaloo review

Collectively, Formaloo’s features enable you to create quizzes that have unlimited randomization options, can be retrieved and scored in different ways, customized using formulas and advanced data operations integrating even the most sophisticated scoring processes into your form.

Collecting responses

Formaloo lets you build a chatbot that you can connect to various apps. You know, the ones that everyone’s using like Facebook or WhatsApp? Most brands are on those platforms, so it would be great if there were a way for the brand to interact with their customers in the same area they hang out in. 

Mobile-form is a neat feature too. It serves as a survey generator that’s mobile-friendly. With this handy tool, your respondents can actually send you their surveys right via SMS or even email, and then later upload them when they’re online again!

Reporting and data analysis

Formaloo is a Customer Data Platform, which means they automatically convert every piece of data you have into marketing actionable insights. Formaloo’s CDP technology helps businesses understand their customers in a single place and proactively work to drive growth through powerful analytics and personalization tools.

Formaloo review

One of the most important things that you can do to ensure the Quality of your company’s Product (and most importantly Customer Relationship) is to keep improving it over time. And with formaloo software you’ll be able to do just that — it automatically and accurately predicts who are your best customers, who are leaving you for your competitors, and how to profit more from each individual person/entity. It does so without requiring any writing of code or help from data scientists. 

Formaloo review: Pros and cons


  • No limit! You can create more creative forms with drag and drop widgets. 
  • The GUI for respondents looks pretty decent.
  • Better user experience.
  • Presentation mode data collection
  • Ability to create folders and subfolders 
  • Payment integration option 
  • Multiple templates 
  • Advanced options to capture leads. 


  • Lack of Google sheet integration
  • Backend is much similar to other competitors like Type form
  • Unable to add links to the text next to the checkboxes for accepting GDPR or Terms of Service.
  • You can’t add a captcha or change the font.

Formaloo review: Is this right for you? 

One of the most important aspects of any survey is the design. Formaloo or Typeform are your best options if you are looking for a polished and professional way to create surveys. They have intuitive designs that are easy to use and include a lot more customization options than Google Forms. Formaloo is better for advanced users who need quantitative analysis for large amounts of data, or users that can leverage templates, industry benchmarks, and more as business tools on a regular basis.

And when it comes to lead generation, more options are available and flexible only with the Formaloo.

Formaloo review: Pricing And Lifetime deal

It also has a free plan to start with! But when you want to upgrade, you have to spend 9 dollars per month. 

The good news is, Appsumo is running a lifetime deal on this Formaloo tool with all the pro features for a lifetime with a single payment! As this is a lifetime deal, Appsumo may end this at any time!