Content writing is an art! But once you know how to be an artist, the art will flow through your words. Of course, you need a lot of experience with trial and error to end up with your juicy content. 

When it comes to blog posts, most people are facing agony with the large bounce rates. Though many factors contribute to the increased bounce rates, content writing plays a crucial role!

I am gonna give these best seven strategies that can help you elevate your content performance and of course the bounce rate! 

Don’t worry about the niche you have. If you use these without any excuses, you can enhance your content quality. 

Step by step content writing guide 

1. Hook your audience with a catchy headline

Content writing

Do headlines really affect a blog post? 

Absolutely Yes!

According to the survey done by Coschedule, blogging with effective blog titles results in 60% more traffic than blog posts with poor titles. 

For example, if I write two headlines between, steps to write better content and seven strategies about content writing only a handful of people know, which one would you choose?

Definitely the second one right? Psychology says that you do and if you do, your audience will do the same thing, isn’t it? 

Writing catchy headlines is simpler than you think! 

Once you are fixed with the keyword, go ahead to the free tool title generator. Type your keyword and boom! 

You will end up with awesome blog titles that are tailored to fit your blog posts. 

Also, you can use the title score predictor to improve your headline. 

2. Don’t write the intro on the first go! 

This may seems weir, but follow these steps before writing an intro.

  • Outline your blog post.
  • Frame headings and sub headings around a big idea.
  • Develop your content for all your headings and sub headings.
  • Now write down the difficulties that your ideal reader face.
  • Craft your intro accordingly that goes hand in hand with the body of the article.

Trust me, when you craft your intro after completing the body, you can come up with better intro that addresses the pain points of your users.

Surveys say that visitors only spend 15 seconds deciding whether to continue reading or skip to another article in the search results. 

Thus, these 15 seconds determine the potential visitors to stay on your post! 

How can you retain the visitors? 

Well, with an effective and crisp intro part.

Remember the thing that you have to be relevant with your topic and your content. You should also do the thing which you have promised in the intro part.

3. Place your audience first rather than search engines

Most of the bloggers out there are focusing only on their keywords and SEO factors to climb on Google rankings, when you do the same thing, you won’t really get into the ranking position!

It may look bitter, but the thing is stuffing keywords and making your page stronger with SEO do help your ranking, but if you forget the audience while content writing, you wouldn’t rank probably in the Google search engine.

Know your audience first! Enhance your writing by avoiding that you are trying to rank in Google! 

If you engage your visitors with perfect information that they are looking for, they will start engaging with your page and they will become your loyal visitors.

What does the term “Loyal visitors” indicate? 

Well, the audience who really enjoy what you wrote and share or comment on your post, will become your loyal visitors. 

When more people start engaging with your blog post, Google receives positive signals from your page and it will rank your site!

Pro tip: Give some unique information to your audience rather than giving the same information that is available on random pages of Google!

4. Tone of your writing is the hack

Always write in “you” and “I” format in your content writing style. 

When you start using these tones in your article, your audience will get engaged, as they feel like someone sitting in front of them and saying all the stuff! 

Are you feeling the same in this article? 

To keep your audience engaged throughout the article, you can ask simple questions and ask them whether they agree. 

They do engage and it automatically triggers them to stay on your page and you automatically gain their trust in you or your brand. 

5. Narrow down the focus of your post 

Content writing

Try to be specific in what you are writing! While writing a blog try to be clear in what you are conveying from the headlines to the conclusion. 

Once you start doing this, your article will naturally be enriched with the flow of words and the flow of creative juices across the entire content. 

Look at the below examples for getting a clear picture!

Bad: How to do content writing? 

Better: Content writing tips! 

Best: Best content writing practices for blog posts!

Which plays the best and will be enriched in content? 

Yes, the third one, because it is narrowed down to provide the information mainly to write blog posts. While narrowing your focus, you can enrich the content with specified information. 

6. Be simple in your wordings

Content writing

Your entire piece of work should be simple to understand and motivate them to share between their circle. 

What you have to do for it is, be simple in your wordings, your words must be simple enough that even a 5th-grade student can get it without any problems. 

You may hire the world’s best writer to write blog posts for you, but if the words are complex to understand, no one will prefer reading it further! Thus, it again increases the bounce rates!

How can you write in simple words? 

Use the free tool Hemingway editor to get the score of how you wrote your article. You can improve each sentence and break it down into simple words. By doing these things while content writing, you can get better results!

7. Using the right blend of curated and original content

What a user opens your blog post, make sure you have some original content! This is because, when user reads the same thing that already caught their mind in previous pages on your post, they are likely press the back button!

To hold their eyeball stick to your content, add something original from your expertise(that’s why niching down is important). Curated content is something that you write as a result of research gathered from other pages, but original content is born from your expertise.

To create a better blog post, make sure you use the perfect blend of curated content as well as the original content! 

Bonus hack for content writing

What if I say, you can still make a great piece of content for any purpose only in minutes and without any research? 

Is that possible?

Yes, you can sit back and relax while creating a great piece of content that follows all the metrics which I have mentioned above! 

The golden key to your successful blog post is the Rytr tool. It’s an artificial intelligence tool that writes compelling content that you can’t resist. 

With Rytr, you can generate content pieces for various purposes including your e-mails, social media posts, Youtube description, blog posts, and much more. 

Rytr can generate thousands of words in minutes that you have to spend a minimum of a couple of hours to write. 

What about the tones? 

With Rytr, you can make 20+ tones from humorous to casual. 

What about plagiarism? 

Plagiarism will occur only if we copy the text which is exactly available on the web pages. This Rytr generated the article itself using several algorithms. Thus, no plagiarism at all. 

Then? Worrying about the price? 

If you are a freelance writer, by using the Rytr tool, you can deliver to even 4 clients in the time of managing a single client. Thus, you can gain more than you have invested in this tool.

For website owners or creators, you can cut down your time in focusing on writing better content that actually converts. You can spend your saved time on other activities. 

You know what? You can also use this tool for free! Once you start loving this tool, you can upgrade or let it bury after the free trial. 

Why are you waiting? If you are waiting for something that saves your time, this lifetime deal is for you!