Blog vs Vlog? What is the difference between blogging and vlogging? Well, to answer this question, you have to learn what they are all about. 

If you are just getting started with your online earning journey, getting started with the perfect platform is important. 

To be honest, both blog vs vlog has their own positives and negatives. However, they are the golden vault to unlock your passive income. 

Are you confused about selecting between blog and vlog? No worries, you have landed in the right place! 

Let’s dive into the deep knowledge of the difference between blogging and vlogging. 

What are vlogging and blogging?


blog vs vlog

So, before going ahead, what is a blog? 

What would you do if you don’t know anything or if you don’t know the meaning of some word? We instantly go to Google and find the meaning right? 

The place where you land from Google search to know something is known as a blog post!

In a nutshell, a blog is mostly defined as an online journal or an information website that comprises pages, posts, and a lot more, where the writers share their knowledge with the world. 

Of course, a blog will be made with the main intention of making a profit for their business or an individual. 

Not every blog is solely created to earn money and some blogs are also there which concentrate on entertainment, sharing thoughts between a group of people.  

Want to see some amazing things on blogging?

  • As per the insights from Optinmonster, about 40% people visit more than 20 billion pages per month.
  • On WordPress, about 70 million posts are being published every month!
  • About 77% of internet users are found to read blogs. 

Quite amazing right? 

Now the question is, Can you be a part of this big thing? 

Definitely yes! You can blog for your personal purpose or you can blog for earning. When it comes to blogging, earning possibilities are quite high! 

There are lots of ways available to monetize your blog. Even if you have no money to start your blog, you can start blogging with free blogging platforms like Blogger or Typepad. 

Blog vs vlog: Pros

  • You can start for free even if you are a beginner.
  • You can attract major online users if your blog is more engaging. 
  • Monetizing methods are maximum even if you run your personal blog
  • You can work flexibly without any restrictions while earning.
  • You can create posts on whatever topic you are obsessed with. 
  • You can establish yourself as an authority in your specific niche or industry.

Blog vs vlog: Cons 

  • It is a slow and steady process where you can’t get immediate results. 
  • If you are serious about earning a blog, you should invest both money and time without expecting the results for the first few months.


blog vs vlog

This is the trending thing in this digital era. The main difference between blogging and vlogging is, the blog is the written form of information, whereas the vlog is the visual form of information. 

Let’s say you don’t know how to Tie a Tie. What will you do? Google or Youtube?

In this case, no one chooses Google because people want to see the live demonstrations rather than studying a large paragraph and executing it, right? 

This is how the vlog is gradually developing. Though vlogging is most preferred in terms of tutorials, blogs are still effective! 

Want to see some interesting facts about vlogging? 

  • According to Omnicore, about 500 hours of videos are uploaded on YouTube alone!
  • 5 billion videos are being watched every day.
  • About 50 million content creators are counted on YouTube to this date. 

The growth still reaches peaks, as people love to kill their boredom by watching videos rather than reading! 

Blog vs Vlog: Pros

  • Completely free to start with the free platform Youtube.
  • You will get instant results even from day 1.
  • When compared with reading, people love to watch videos!
  • Vlogging is fun and people love funny content more than anything!
  • You can create your own identity without spending any money. 
  • Similar to blogging, you can also make a huge profit from vlogging. 

Blog vs Vlog: Cons

  • If you are niche specific, vlogging is not worth the long run.
  • Initial setup is needed like a good camera, microphone and lighting.
  • It will totally absorb your time, as you are not going to get a great clip at your first shoot. 

Why video doesn’t replace written content?

blog vs vlog

Ever wondered this? Though video content is much more popular than written content, when you search anything on Google written content comes first! 

But Google can’t watch videos and know what information is available on them, right? That’s why written content is more popular when it comes to search engines. 

Everyone knows that Google crawls through the information contained in a page and ranks it accordingly. 

You may love watching video tutorials rather than written content, but blogging also has its own advantages. If the video content is in any native language, people will find it difficult to understand. That’s why written content is always seen on the top of any search results. 

Blog vs Vlog: Which and why should you prefer? 

You may get your interest now. But before sticking with a blog or a vlog, you have to consider several things. 

However, you can concentrate on the 4 main elements listed below to fix your idea!

1. What are you going to convey?

Conveying is the main thing when it comes to sharing information. 

Take an example, if I want to cook for my breakfast, I can’t read a 2000 word lengthy article and then prepare my food right? 

For this case, a vlog would be the ideal solution. When it comes to some complex topics like blog vs vlog, I neither go and take a lengthy video nor a shorter video! 

For this case, a blog would be the right fit. While explaining tutorials like, “how you can install an app from Chrome”, you can simply create a video over it. Even in blogs, you can explain by adding screenshots to your article.  

For this case, both options are good. Thus, based on the information that you are going to convey, you can stick with either blog or vlog. 

2. To whom you are going to convey?

Yes, this is also a factor. You should consider the type of people whom you are targeting. 

For instance, let’s say you are going to review a book. Young people love watching video clips, while older people prefer reading and finding the best book for them. 

Even if you are going to cover daily news, people would love reading news articles rather than watching it as a video. 

So, take a little more time and invest it in finding who your audiences are. 

3. How about you?

When it comes to video recording, most people would love to do it. But few people like me, don’t prefer shooting video clips for some reason. 

Those people who are having issues with vlogging can go with a blog. If you live writing, why waste your time experimenting with video clips that you are not comfortable with? Create your blog journey without hesitation.

Some also feel vlogs are not suitable for their brand or their main intention. They can also go with a blog as it is a never-ending journey.   

4. What do you have? 

People may think, it is simple to record a video and iPad it on YouTube just with their phone! But, if you want to create a high-quality video, initial setups are mandatory!

Also, you should have a decent camera and good editing skills to post your videos. Still, a lot of factors left, noise, lighting, and much more!

Of course, some videos don’t require many settings but still, people expect it to be good right? 

Don’t forget to add a catchy title and description, and thus, it will take lots of time and effort to load your single video! Here, I am not trying to say, “Hey, go with a blog!”, I am just insisting that vlog needs time. 

Blog vs vlog: What’s the final point?

Blog vs vlog always has a healthy competition in people’s minds. The main difference between blogging and vlogging is also discussed, and what should you pick? Well, it depends on your requirements. 

If you want to gain popularity and want to fix your brand or face in people’s minds, go with a vlog!

On the other hand, if you want to gain passive income, high-quality leads, and traffic, you should start a blog. 

What if you already have a blog or vlog? Create one that you don’t have yet. If you have a blog and don’t have a vlog, expose yourself to a wide visual audience!

If you have a vlog, create a new blog and gain passive income and other sources. 

Which is your choice? Or what are you going to choose between a blog and vlog? Let me know in the comments section.